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anxiety & the polyvagal theory diagram.j
Anxiety Diagram (1).png


what is it? 

why does it exist?

how do you cope?

panic attacks

f*ck these moments.

let's learn more about them & how to manage these boogers.


oh, people with anxiety commonly experience this?


you're not going crazy.


what is ocd?

where does is come from?


if you're distracted and you know it, clap your hands!

intrusive thoughts

thoughts do not always equal actuality.


 learn more about the various  ways trauma can impact you.

coping techniques

you got this.

it just takes some practice.

consider it homework.

movement & anxiety

anxiety = high energy

high energy = racing thoughts

move that body.

herbs & anxiety

herbs are really cool.

learn more about the power of nature here.

food & anxiety




kids & anxiety

recognizing the various ways anxiety shows up in kiddos.

postpartum & anxiety

to the birthing humans out there, you are not alone.

animals & anxiety

learn about the role animals can play in supporting you in anxiety,

supporting others

how to reach out and connect to the ones you love who also have anxiety.

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